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Our December Dinner and Code – “Software is people” event was a huge success!

Professional developers, UX/UI designers, project managers, and devops gurus were on hand to talk about their day to day jobs, and give perspective into what it takes to build and maintain great products.

Among the speakers were

Linda Massie – Sr. UX/UI Designer
Chris Burrell – Front-End Design and Development, Rackspace
Hart Hoover – Openstack User Advocate at Cisco Systems, Founder SA Devops
Rafael Barroso – CIO, Parlevel Systems

We absorbed a bunch of information on topics ranging from user experience, user interface design, devops, managing large projects with scrum methodologies, and scaling out software systems.

You can find all of the images that were taken at the event hosted on the Dinner and Code website:

We have another very special event planned for April, but if you’re looking to get in on our traditional crash course and project work format, be sure to join us for our upcoming January event!

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