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Our Philosophy – SlideWave LLC isn’t just a software development shop. We’re a group of people who believe in doing social good. We believe that the work we do is not about making money; it’s about transforming businesses, their employees, and the communities SlideWave serves. Here is our philosophy in a nutshell.

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Philosophy 1: Only Quality Work.

We don’t take on a project if we feel we can’t do a quality job. (We’ve turned down work before.) Whether it’s because the idea doesn’t have a return on investment for our clients or because it requires work that isn’t in our skill set, if it won’t work we won’t do it. We keep quality in mind at all times. Software should be as free of errors as possible, well-written, and should be scalable and performance-driven.

Philosophy 2: Improve the Community.

One reason we’re located in San Antonio is because there’s so much opportunity to become involved in the local community. Our employees are involved in numerous efforts to improve the community, including Dinner and Code, The Burrito Project, 3 Day Startup, and various Geekdom events.

Philosophy 3: Hire for Excellence.

Our team is small but mighty! We hire the best talent we can find and pay them competitive wages because we believe that excellent results require investment. We believe in our people and encourage the same focus on quality that we instill in the rest of the company. Our people are the reason we do what we do.

Philosophy 4: Focus on Value, Not Hours.

We believe that hourly billing puts both client and consultant in an ethical bind that hinders the quality of work produced. When we billed by the hour, everyone focused more on the time it took than on the quality of work done. Our profitability was tied to our inefficiency, which didn’t help our clients. Therefore, we now only bill project rates that reflect the value we bring, not how long it’s going to take to complete. We don’t want to engage in ethical dilemmas, and we don’t think our clients do either.

Philosophy 5: All things Agile.

We believe in agile development methodology because it works. We run our company and all of our products in an agile model. This allows us to remain flexible in light of market demands and changing business objectives. We use sprints to keep us on track, which also helps everyone focus on the features built rather than on time estimates.

SlideWave is an agile, full stack development team that focuses on high performance and complex software projects. Think 3D simulation, "soup to nuts" enterprise automation, and web-based applications. To learn more about us, click here.

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