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Introduction to Geekdom

Earlier I wrote about coworking in my post, “The Surprising Value of Coworking“. I briefly mentioned Geekdom there. And I thought: everyone should know how awesome this place is!

In case you’re unfamiliar with San Antonio, Geekdom is a pet project by Graham Weston. Graham is a Rackspace director and an all-around awesome friend to San Antonio entrepreneurs. Geekdom is part coworking space, part startup incubator, part community event location. Here are seven reasons why I think they’re awesome.

Reason #1: The Geekdom Name

Seriously, what’s not to love about a name like “geekdom”? The kingdom of the geeks! It’s quirky and odd and really fits the vibe of Geekdom: laid-back and geeky. The vibe here is one of cooperation and community, despite the fact that many of us are direct competitors with each other.

Reason #2: The Geekdom Location

The Geekdom cowork space is located in downtown San Antonio on East Houston Street. It’s within walking distance is the historic Majestic Theater and apartments, a Starbucks, the San Antonio River Walk, and the Alamo. (There’s something cool about saying that you spent your lunch hour walking through the Alamo, no?) Plus dozens of unique restaurants, chains, and bars. There’s a wine bar within walking distance that has an amazing cheese tray.

The building itself is accessible by car, Uber, and bus for those who don’t live nearby and there’s plenty of parking in the area. San Antonio as a city is close to another technology hub, Austin, and is therefore a good spot for those who must commute often between the two locations.

Reason #3: The People Who Run Geekdom

Geekdom has a knack for hiring some pretty awesome staff. They’re always around to answer questions and are good at keeping the space buzzing with new events that benefit the entrepreneurs that join.

Reason #4: The Affordability

Geekdom is affordable. Like, normal person affordable. Unlike some spaces that charge hundreds per month, Geekdom is crazy inexpensive. We’re talking $50 a month for 24/7 access with a keyfob. You won’t get a dedicated office at that price, but you will get building access, use of the general space tables across two floors, use of the printer and scanner, and free coffee.

Reason #5: The Startup Incubator Events

Geekdom has become an incubator for many startups, including one of our clients, Miltribe. Geekdom runs and houses so many events that it’s hard to keep track, but the ones I and others have find useful are:

Three Day Startup at the Geekdom Event Center:

“3 Day Startup is a 72-hour learning-by-doing workshop that teaches entrepreneurial skills in an extreme hands-on environment. The focus of this program is high-growth tech startups.”


I’m a recurring mentor at 3 Day Startup and it’s something I look forward to each time it happens. It’s exciting to see new entrepreneurs build and then present their ideas. A listing of companies that have come out of 3 Day Startup events can be found here:

Techstars is a global startup accelerator program that supports and mentors new entrepreneurs. According to their website: “We make entrepreneurship accessible by opening doors to capital, mentorship, marketing, business development, customer acquisition, and talent recruitment.”

There’s a Techstars office in Geekdom, which brings a crowd every year.

Reason #6: The Opportunity

The mix of entrepreneurs, software developers, creatives, and others means that there’s always opportunity to grow business, partner with others, and learn. If I have a question about my business or about something code-related, I know that there’s always someone who can help me answer a question or clarify my path. These connections are made on the floor and through the massive Slack channel Geekdom members have access to.

Reason #7: Free Coffee

Who doesn’t love free coffee?! The Geekdom staff provide free java as part of the membership and it’s a great perk. Instead of walking to the local Starbucks during midnight code sessions, we simply have to walk out of the office and pour another cup. While it’s not as great as the beans I roast myself, it’s nice to have on a late night sprint.

What about your space?

I love hearing stories about coworking spaces – why not share yours below?

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