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San Antonio, TX – On August 5, 2016, we held our first Dinner and Code programming meetup. The event started as the dream of founder David Daeschler, who saw a unique need in the community after attending and mentoring at multiple 3DS Events in Austin and San Antonio. Many people had asked David how to learn to code and he wanted to be able to point them to a quality resource.

Unfortunately, there simply wasn’t a friendly, non-competitive solution for new coders, especially for women and minorities.

According to David, “There is far too much emphasis on winning, and prizes, and being better than the other person. This can really discourage some of the smartest and most talented among us who simply just prefer a more laid back environment.”

The Dinner and Code Idea

So David had an idea: he’d launch a meetup himself. He wanted Dinner and Code to be newbie friendly, non-competitive, and free.

Based on personal experience, he knew that project-based learning styles had the best chance of success. So he also compiled several projects for attendees to work on. To prepare learners, David built some content from scratch. First, there’s a basic programming guide to introduce beginners to coding concepts in ways that are easy to understand. For the projects, attendees can pick from two tracks: Python and Web development (JavaScript/CSS/HTML/jQuery). If attendees want to learn something else, they’ll need to bring their own project materials and ready questions for a senior developer to answer.

Positive Reception

So far, the reception has exceeded expectations. Within the first month of organization the meetup group had over 70 members; it now has over 130. Around 30 attended the August 5th event at the Geekdom Event Center, including mentors like Donovan Baker, Marketing Director of award-wining San Antonio startup MilTribe.

The Future

Moving forward, David would like to see this grow into a community that welcomes new programmers no matter their background. He would also like to see Dinner and Code branch out into other cities, especially those where low cost tech education is lacking.

Next Event

The second meetup will be Saturday October 8, 2016 at the Geekdom Event Center at 131 Soledad Street in downtown San Antonio. The event is free however you’ll have to find parking downtown. Registration is required. Laptops are available for those who don’t have one. The event runs from 4PM to 10PM and will include food, drinks, and scheduled programming. Organizer David Daeschler and several Geekdom community members will be available to answer specific coding questions.

Learn More

For more information, visit the Dinner and Code website:, sign up at the Meetup Page and follow on Twitter @dinnerandcode.

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